a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

Weekend round-up

Friday night was social time. Saturday was social-n-sloth time. Sunday was chores-n-errands. It was a nice mix, though not enough time for everything, of course.

We finally had reasonable weather and timing to get all of the Christmas-based cardboard to the dump. Huzzah! We fed their recycling bins with cardboard, paperboard, plastic... everything except for our bin of metal/glass went off to their various new lives.

I reaffirmed that Hunan West is my favorite generic-Chinese-food restaurant in the area. I don't particularly love their egg rolls, but their beef-with-anything has a thicker, darker sauce than anyone else around. Mmmmmm.

We got some fencing rearranged for the goats. It's another remix in the many years of modifications going on, and of course isn't permanent. CK got me another 8' foot fence panel with a drop gate in it (from Sydell) which I find way easier than chain latches. So I hooked open the regular gate and stuck this panel in its place... for now. This is a temporary arrangement because 1) I will want that panel for kidding pens in March and 2) it would never stop a cross-gender quest. Heck, the boys bashed the regular gate flat, and this one is basically only propped in its place. I don't trust it *that* far. It's only dividing big and little girls at the moment, which is a matter of convenience, not necessity.

In our quest for new filters for the humidifier, we went to BB&B. We found exactly what we needed for the current humidifier, and then ended up picking up a second humidifier as well. And then we talked about possibly obtaining other stuff, and... I went and got a cart. We got a better splatter shield for the frying pans, more hardwood floor cleaner, and a new 1-qt pot. Then we went to the Wegmans for lunch and ingredients. CK made coq a vin for dinner. It smelled heavenly, and tasted pretty good too. I got vast amusement in watching the cats swirl and prowl. Mom! Mom! Mom! There's bacon up there! And chicken! Oh, no! That's chicken fried in bacon fat up there! We need some! Mooooooom!


I started reading my Bloom County omnibus, vol 1. I adore annotated comic books.

http://www.flixxy.com/san-francisco-1905-historical-footage.htm is an interesting window into time. I think the guy standing on the tracks looking at the camera at 5:40 is interesting - he looks kind of like a reporter.
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