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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
And in the news... 
22nd-Jan-2010 12:45 pm
too much stupid
Angola has abolished presidential elections. The leader of the party with the majority representation in parliament is automatically the president. There is no longer a prime minister; the new president may appoint his deputy to fill that seat. With 5-year terms and a 2-term limit, this change will allow President Jose Eduardo dos Santos to maintain his direct control of power through 2022, assuming the 2012 elections go forward as planned. (Dos Santos was first elevated to the presidency in 1979.)

Venezuela is now suffering from a country-wide electricity shortage. This shortage was 20 years in the making, due to a lack of diversification and infrastructure upgrades. The entire country's electricity supply is backboned by one major hydroelectric dam which is failing for lack of water. That lack of water is also causing water rationing across much of northern Venezuela.
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